Application and Assessment Process

Application Process

Women who apply to the IWD Project firstly need to meet the criteria of becoming an independent woman director.

Women who meet these criteria are included on the IWD Project database as well as the GBRW (Global Board Ready Women) Project database, through which they will have an opportunity to serve on the boards of European corporations.

How is the database constructed?

Stage 1: Applications received for the IWD Project are evaluated against the criteria by Egon Zehnder and successful applications are added to the database.

Stage 2: Applicants are sent information regarding the status of their application by the Project Office.

Stage 3: Candidates in the database are classified based on their credentials and face-to-face interviews.

Stage 4: Through the SU-EZ matching methodology, appropriate candidates on the database are determined based on the demand and needs of the companies

Stage 5: After the matching, the candidates are introduced to the companies.