Women on Board Turkey 2014 2nd Annual Report (IWD Project)

Women Matter 2013–Gender diversity in top management: Moving corporate culture, moving boundaries, Mckinsey & Company

Women on Board Turkey 2013 1st Annual Report (IWD Project)

ICEDR Special Report - Taking Charge

Women On Boards 2011-FTSE 100 Boards

European Commission, Directorate- General for Employment, Social affairs nd Equal Opportunities, More women in senior positions, Key to economic growth, January 2010. 

European Network of Women in Decision-making in Politics and the Economy

More women in senior positions – Key to economic stability and growth, by the European Commission, January 2010.

Löfström, Asa, Gender equality, economic growth and employment, 2009.

Strategy for Equality between Women and Men (2010-2015), September 2010

European Commission, Working Paper, The Quota-instrument, different approaches across Europe, European Commission’s Network to Promote Women in Decision-making in Politics and the Economy, June 2011.

European Commission, Justice, Report on Progress on Equality between Women and Men in 2010,The gender balance in business leadership, 2011.

European Commission, Opinion on The Future of Gender Equality Policy after 2010 and on the priorities for a possible future framework for equality between women and men, 2010.

McKinsey, Women Matter 2012, Making the Breakthrough.

McKinsey, Women Matter 201o, Making it Happen.

European Women’s Lobby, Women On Boards In Europe, From A Snaıl’s Pace To A Giant Leap? EWL Report on Progress, Gaps and Good Practice, February 2012.

Committee for Economic Development, Fulfilling the Promise: How More Women on Corporate Boards. Would Make America and American Companies More Competitive, 2012.  

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