Basic university degree or higher

Oral and written proficiency in English and Turkish, ability to use both languages to communicate effectively in speaking and writing

At least 15 years of management experience in business and expertise in one of the two following areas

a) Corporate Governance

  • At least 5 years of P&L experience with a publicly listed company
  • Experience working in executive positions (as a general manager or related position that reported directly to the general manager) or in managerial positions in a medium or large company
  • Experience applying best practices in large-scale companies for a period of at least 5 years, as a senior expert or partner in a major international management consulting company
  • At least 10 years of experience with financial budgeting


b) Professional Competency

  • Experience as an academic in the field of basic management functions, or
  • Experience working as an executive and managing the budget for an international non-profit organization, or
  • Association with professional service firms (auditing, law), involving positions on boards and committees, or
  • Work experience as a senior specialist or senior manager carrying out related functions for regulatory authorities

International experience involving education or work outside of Turkey, or work experience in an international capitalized company

Having a command of information on Capital Markets Board of Turkey legislation, responsibilities of boards, company law, relevant provisions of corporate governance, and generally accepted standards of business ethics

Ability to read and interpret financial statements

  • Meet the independence criteria set out in the Capital Markets Board of Turkey’s Corporate Governance Principles
  • Knowledge and experience with at least two of the sectors in which the company operates